Andy Souwer wins MMA debut over Yuichiro Nagashima

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  • Sienna: tbg-sienna

This was a relative  easy victory for Souwer. The fact that it’s decided in the first round says enough. In the beginning of the match these fighters where each other’s equals. Both kickboxers had also been well prepared for the ground work.  



The first takedown was for Yuichiro Nagashima. Andy Souwer took a few punches, but knew free himself from this position. The second take down was for Souwer. It seemed that Yuichiro could get a leg clamp, but he could not apply it properly. As a result, the Japanese fighter got stuck and Andy could score points. 


Eventually the match was decided standing. A left hand hook and a liver punch knocked out Nagashima. The Dutchman was visibly very happy about the result. There will probably will come  a sequel to this MMA bout and we are all wondering how he will do against a real wrestler.