Bob Sapp vs Akebono awful to watch


We are spoiled. After having seen so many fantastic fights in the UFC, Glory and Bellator, you ask yourself what you've just been watching. But anyway, these veterans were well matched on Rizin FF 2. Their fighting skills are at an equal "level".



These two Americans just started beating eachother (more boxing than shootboksen) and were not tied to the ballast that's called technique. Akebono got early in the first round a huge cut on the back of his head. Because of that the fight was regularly timed out to stop bleeding. This was fortunate for both of these gentlemen, because during these periods they could catch their breath. The ring doctor took his time to patch up the in Japan much loved Akebono. And that was the first round. The questionable decision to not stop the fight due to a continuous bleeding wound has probably to do with the status of Akebono in Japan.


The second round went pretty much as the first, with Akebono continuous bleeding, got patched up and a as a break a short oncontrolled slugfest. Bob Sapp won the fight. Do yourself a favour and skip directly to the 15:40 mark.